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Protecting healthcare patients

Amco Pest Solutions can help protect your patients and your facility from all pests with minimal chemical treatments.

Our comprehensive inspection will determine your facility’s unique pest issues.

  • Seal potential pest entry points
  • Manage bed bug infestations
  • Minimal chemical exposure
  • Wildlife Exclusion

Pest monitoring for hospitals

United States has high rates of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are no longer confined to bedrooms in homes but often hitch hike to public places such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.

How Amco Pest Solutions monitor for bed bugs?

  • Discrete placement of monitors and lures throughout hospital/healthcare facility
  • Immediate treatment of areas tested positive for bed bugs or other pests
  • Health first approach for minimal patient and staff exposure

Healthcare Pest Services - Amco Pest Solutions, New York and New Jersey

Health First Approach