Bed bugs can be difficult to detect, even for experienced professionals with a trained eye. Trained bed bug detection dogs are one tool that progressive bed bug companies like Amco utilize to uncover bed bugs by scent at all stages of the life cycle. Working with a company that has a canine detection dog has many advantages:

  • Accurately detect bed bugs at all stages of an infestation. Infestations that are detected in the earlier stages are easier and more cost effective to control.
  • Less manpower hours and less disruption to a room as a dog’s keen sense of smell can inspect a room in minutes making getting rid of bed bugs more efficient and effective.
  • Infestations sites are quickly identified leading to faster, more targeted treatment.

getting rid of bed bugs with Hardy the bed bug detection dogHardy is a black lab rescue dog that was trained to detect bed bugs by the trainers at Iron Heart HighPerformance Working Dogs. Iron Heart has a world class training facility located in Kansas and has been featured in newspaper articles and on the internet. Iron Heart trains all types of working dogs for commercial and law enforcement applications. Iron Heart is 1 of only 2 training facilities that is accredited through the National Entomology Sit Detection K-9 Association. They have approximately 50 dogs in various stages of training at any time. Iron Heart uses the same motivational training for Bed Bug Detection Dogs as it does for its law enforcement and commercial programs.

Bed bug detection is one of the hardest types of detection to train for requiring months of extensive daily training. Bed bug detection dogs are specifically trained to locate an infestation with a higher level of accuracy and in less time than a person. In just a few minutes a fully trained team can locate bed bug infestations not visible to the human eye. This is done through the dog’s extensive training and use of its sense of smell to detect hiding places that a human alone could not find. All consumers (homeowners, hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, commercial institutes, etc.) benefit from the advanced methods utilized by bed bug detection teams. Detection is quicker and more accurate and the bed bug problem is solved in a more efficient manner.

getting rid of bed bugs with Hardy NY NJ
George J. Caso
Director of Operations
Hardy learning about getting rid of bed bugs
Rob Logan
General Manager

Meet Our Dog Handlers

Training was not limited to Hardy! Next, it was time to train the bed bug detection dog handlers…

Meet George J. Caso, Director of Operations at Amco Pest Services, Inc. He comes from a long line of pest control specialists; and is backed up by 4 generations of expertise. George has a business degree and a Health Sciences degree. He has attended numerous entomology courses, in all disciplines, at various accredited institutes throughout the United States. George is licensed in New York and New Jersey and Florida. His expertise is in bed bugs, rodents and all wood destroying insects. He teaches Bed Bug Detection classes to property and maintenance managers in multiple states; and was also one of the first exterminators to detect and eliminate bed bugs in a high-rise facility during the present bed bug epidemic that started in 2003.

Rob Logan, General Manager at Amco Pest Services, Inc. is our other certified bed bug detection dog handler. Rob is a licensed and certified pesticide applicator in both New York and New Jersey and . He has attended many current pest control classes and seminars including bed bugs, wood destroying insects and birds.

George and Rob went through an intense, proven, 4-step bed bug detection dog handler training course at Iron Heart. Proper handler training entails leash handling, training principles, scent characteristics, training aids, maintenance training, training records, certification and much more. George and Rob also learned the most efficient ways to interact with Hardy and avoid a false positive detection thus becoming an effective team for detecting bed bugs. Both George and Rob passed the Iron Heart training class and are proud to be Certified Bed Bug Detection Dog Handlers.