Every year you apply the same pesticide to keep bees and wasps from invading your home perimeter. This year you may have noticed that the old tactics are just not working anymore. In fact, the bees and wasps seem to be immune!

Is this even possible?

When you spray bees and wasps with poison, certain drone bees survive or have a natural immunity. These survivors go on to breed with the queen(which your pesticide probably didn’t even touch).  As a result, any natural immunity is likely to get passed on to future generations of bees or wasps. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only way they can develop pesticide immunity.

What to do if the bees and wasps in your area have developed an immunity to your sprays? Contact a professional pest control expert right away and discuss the problem with them. They can help you find a solution that works for you and eliminates bees and wasps from your yard for good.

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