Carpenter Bees never get bored, but you might if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Carpenter Bees Amco Pest Solutions

These gifted Bumblebee look-alike wood workers will bore holes in bare wood but will also attack finished wood, painted and stained. To prevent an infestation by Carpenter bees, Amco will inspect your property and eliminate any infestation found.

Carpenter bees belong to the Apidea family. They’re anywhere from 3/4 to an inch in length and are generally docile.  Often mistaken for Bumblebees, Carpenter bees have slightly more robust bodies and are yellow or black, typically lacking in stripes.

Carpenter bees create numerous nests over the years and will cause damage to your home’s wood.

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Carpenter Bee Nesting

Unlike the bees most of us are familiar with, Carpenter bees are solitary insects. Females build their nests by boring one or more holes into wood, preferably a soft wood like pine or cedar. Small pieces of wood are then used as a means to partition the cells in which their eggs are laid, each cell equipped with it’s own pollen reserve off which the larva feed.

By late summer the larvae has emerged as adults and begin looking for suitable, abandoned nesting holes to hibernate in to next spring.

Call Amco and protect yourself from these crafty bees before your home or surrounding areas become a suitable nesting ground.

Carpenter Bee Control
  • Varnish or paint any bare wood insuring there aren’t any holes first.
  • Seal any cracks that can be exploited
  • Request that one of Amco’s certified rep perform a thorough inspection of your premises

Contact us if Carpenter bees are a problem on your property. We can also treat your property if you have an upcoming event to ensure a more enjoyable outside area for guests.

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