Amco Pest Service offers a premium bird exclusion service for residential and commercial building. We offer many different types of bird control and exclusion techniques to suit any situation. In cases where there are open rafters that birds roost in, we can use a safe netting system to block entry. This is an effective and low maintenance solution that prevents birds from entering open and semi-open structures and keeps your buildings sanitary. 


  • Loss of Business
  • Contaminated Products
  • Damage to building exterior
  • Health threats by transmittable diseases

Control Measures

  • Habitat modification
  • Reduce available food near and on business perimeter
  • Seal access to areas used as shelter

Humane exclusion products

  • Bird Netting for access prevention to areas ideal for roosting and nesting
  • Ultrasonic repeller
  • Screech Owl
  • Bird Slides
  • Bird droppings cleaning product
  • Daddi Long Legs bird repellant

Issues from Droppings & Nesting Materials

  • Staining & corrosion
  • Common area safety hazards
  • Fire hazards caused by bird nests near electrical equipment/devices
  • Food contamination
  • Water drainage clogging by bird nests
  • Large bird population noise in surrounding areas, chimneys, above drop ceilings, vents and flues

As part of our complete bird exclusion service, we include power washing with an eco-friendly sanitation solution. In addition to netting, we also have a variety of ways to keep ledges clear from spikes to our discrete flex track electric solution. Flex track can be glued or screwed in to bird perching surfaces and provides an unpleasant but harmless shock which teaches birds to avoid those areas. We also provide traditional blunted stainless steel or UV resistant poly-carbonate spikes. Whatever the situation, we have the solution to all of your bird control and bird exclusion needs.