Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are often found in tall grass where they wait to attach to a passing host, whether it be an animal or a human. A tick will attach itself to its host by inserting its cutting mandibles and feeding tube into the skin. The feeding tube is covered with re-curved teeth and acts as an anchor.

Lyme disease has become a serious problem in both New York and New Jersey. You contract Lyme disease from the bite of an effected tick. In fact, ticks are vectors of a number of diseases, including but not limited to Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever, tularemia, tick-borne relapsing fever and tick-borne meningoencephalitis… read more

Amco’s Commercial Wildlife Control Department specializes in the control and prevention of wildlife pests for commercial properties. Our wildlife technicians provide customized solutions that are effective, humane and long term.

Wildlife Exclusion and Prevention Is Key

Here at Amco, our Wildlife solutions focus heavily on prevention of unwanted wildlife after exclusion is complete. Without proper prevention, wildlife pests are likely to re-enter a structure causing the property owner to find themselves with the same problem. Our goal is to eliminate and prevent the problem from happening again.

Our Wildlife Control includes

  • Animal Removal from Attics
  • Humane Wildlife Trapping
  • Home/Building Inspections
  • Exclusion and Prevention
  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal
  • Armadillo Removal and Carcass Odor Control
  • Bat Removal and Bird Control
  • Rat and Mouse Control
  • Snake Removal and Prevention
  • Fox Removal
  • Iguana Removal
  • Humane Stray Cat Removal
  • All Rodents, Mole, Squirrel Removal
  • Opossum Removal
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