As your team and ally, AMCO Pest Will Help Prevent Mosquitoes this season so you can get back to fine wines and summer evenings on your patio.

With above average rainfall during the spring and summer this year, the mosquito numbers have risen and have caused plenty of problems in the Eastern U.S., specifically in about 51 counties in Pennsylvania. Methods to prevent Mosquitoes from laying eggs on or near your property and populating should be the top priority for anyone living in Pennsylvania or in the nearest surrounding states.

The life Cycle for most mosquitos is spent mostly in water during the early immature stages There hasn’t been a lack of water for mosquitoes to lay eggs in and with the predicted change in weather patterns, a further rise in mosquito population is certain to continue.

It is advisable that before taking the family out for outdoor activities, you check AccuWeather’s mosquito activity forecasts and Zika index .  While the major “Hot Zones” for the West Nile Virus and Zika Virus are found within Pennsylvania, sudden downpours of rain followed by dry weather in which stagnant water can give way to large populations of mosquitoes can easily make it’s way into New Jersey if it hasn’t already done so.

Mosquitoes are considered the most deadly animals in the world and contribute to close to a million deaths per year, according to an article in Smithsonian magazine. This is not because of the itchy bite, but mainly because of the diseases transmitted by the bite.

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Amco can help to control mosquitoes on your property. There are many methods that we use for mosquito control. Depending on the situation, source reduction (e.g. removing stagnant water), biocontrol (e.g. importing natural predators such as dragonflies), trapping, and/or insecticides to kill larvae or adults may be used.

Prevent Mosquitoes by Eliminating Standing Water

It takes approximately one week for mosquitoes to breed in undisturbed standing water.

Standing water like this can occur in some unlikely places or ones that you can easily overlook such as:

  • Eliminate Mosquitoes - AMCO Pest Control Services

    Flower Potts

    Flower Potts Can Hold Stagnant Water. Add dirt or sand to absorb standing water that may have accumulated during the rainy season.

  • Eliminate Mosquitoes - AMCO Pest Control Services


    Old discarded tires are probably the most common objects that can hold stagnant water. If you’re unable to move discarded tires, you can cover them with a plastic tarp to keep rain out.

  • Eliminate Mosquitoes - AMCO Pest Control Services

    Empty Cans

    Empty cans make perfect homes for larvae to develop undisturbed. Eliminate any cans laying around your property.

  • Eliminate Mosquitoes - AMCO Pest Control Services

    Bottle Caps

    Even the smallest objects like bottle caps can be the perfect home for larvae to thrive in.

  • Eliminate Mosquitoes - AMCO Pest Control Services

    Rain Gutters

    Clear out your rain gutters to prevent stagnant water from building up during the rainy season.

Contact us if mosquitoes are an ongoing problem on your property or you live on or near water. We can also treat your property if you have an upcoming event to reduce mosquito populations and ensure a more enjoyable outside area for guests.

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