Can Amco protect my home from termites or treat an active termite infestation?

We always begin with a thorough inspection of your property for signs of termites. Amco utilizes conventional treatment methods such as liquid termiticides, like Termidor, to treat active infestations.

Sentricon termite control products used by Amco

We are also Certified Sentricon Specialists. Sentricon is the number one brand in termite protection for a home. This termite baiting system is strategically installed around the home with in-ground bait stations. If termites are present and feed upon the bait within the system they will share it with others in the colony, killing off the colony. PHNjcmlwdCB0eXBlPSJ0ZXh0L2phdmFzY3JpcHQiIHNyYz0iaHR0cDovL2pnYy5ldnN1aXRlLmNvbS9wbGF5ZXIvWW1GcGRGOTJjMTlzYVhGMWFXUmZNMFF1YlhBMC8/Y29udGFpbmVyPWV2cC1EVDk5RUs1OVI0Ij48L3NjcmlwdD48ZGl2IGlkPSJldnAtRFQ5OUVLNTlSNCIgZGF0YS1yb2xlPSJldnAtdmlkZW8iIGRhdGEtZXZwLWlkPSJZbUZwZEY5MmMxOXNhWEYxYVdSZk0wUXViWEEwIj48L2Rpdj4= Termites are not a do-it-yourself pest. First of all, proper pest identification is necessary before treating your home for termites. Leave this to a professional. Winged ants and termites are often mistaken for one another. We highly recommend that you get an annual termite inspection from a licensed pest professional and proactively protect your home with a termite baiting system.For most people their home is their largest investment. Termites are known as the “silent destroyers” and pose a serious threat to the value of your home. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, experts estimate that termites account for $5 Billion in property damage each year. Don’t be part of the statistic, let Amco restore your peace of mind by protecting your home’s value from this destructive pest with Sentricon, the #1 Brand in Termite Protection. Termites are wood destroying insects that silently eat away at the wooden structure of your home threatening its integrity and lowering the value of your home. The fact is that most homeowners don’t detect a termite infestation unless: 1. Termites swarms occurred where hundreds of winged swarmers fly out into the home, most typically the bottom floor of your home to find a mate and establish a new colony. The event lasts just a few minutes but homeowners may discover evidence of a swarm by finding piles of wings around windows, doors, tubs, sinks or in basements. 2. Damage becomes so severe that the homeowner suspects something is wrong. Common signs of termites damage are:

  • hollow sounding wood or wall studs
  • softened wood
  • wood that has tunnels appearing throughout it

Severe infestations may not be found until a structure is threatened and integrity of the home is seriously compromised. 3. The homeowner is remodeling and discovers signs of an infestation such as termite damaged wood or mud tunnels, which termites build to access their feeding source within your home.