Is your home more than 10 years old? You could be looking at an active termite infestation!

Termite infestation in America is most commonly caused by the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Their underground colonies range anywhere from 40 thousand to 3 million members in size, and can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home over time.

A colony of these social insects consists of three social castes:

Soldiers protect the colony from ants and can be identified by their orange heads and mandibulate pinchers.

Workers comprise 95% of the entire colony; They build tunnels from fecal matter, saliva and mud, and use these passageways to travel between their nests and food sources. Workers feed all colony members through regurgitation. They do not have eyes and work 24 hours a day, never even taking a five minute nap!

Swarmers, King and Queen make up the last caste. The king and queen are tended to by the workers in the main chamber. A full grown queen termite can lay an egg every second and does this 24 hours a day throughout their 20 year lifespan. Swarmers on the other hand, take flight when the colony has reached capacity; They shed their wings once they land, ready to find a suitable king with whom to build a new colony.

Teamwork and long hours enables termite colonies to grow at alarmingly exponential rates. This is why it is important to detect and exterminate these unwanted visitors quickly. Call AMCO today!

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AMCO begins by inspecting your property; Once an assessment of termite damage is made AMCO uses a specialized, Health First approach treatment method to exterminate and prevent future unwanted guests.

How Termites Invade Your Home

Most homeowners don’t detect a termite infestation unless:

  1. Termite swarmers fly into the home during mating season (Spring and Fall) to establish a new colony. The event lasts just a few minutes but homeowners may discover evidence of a swarm by finding piles of wings around windows, doors, tubs, sinks or basements.
  2. Severe damage becomes visible on the exterior of the home, such as tunnels appearing through the timber.
  3.  Wood or wall studs sound hollow or feel spongy and softened.
  4. The homeowner is remodeling and discovers signs of an infestation such as mud tubes or visible property damage.

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Preventive Measures


Humidity is essential to the survival of termites. It’s important to keep moisture from building up near the foundation of your home and other interior/exterior spaces. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent an infestation.

  • Maintenance: Be sure to keep up with the maintenance of your home. Particularly pipes, downspouts, gutters, splash blocks and broken roof tiles where moisture can accumulate
  • If you use an air con, make sure the moisture isn’t being released toward the foundation of your home
  • Check your attic and other exposed beams for damage. Press the timber with your thumb and check for soft spot
  • Opt for plastic or metal storage options
  • Remove old tree stumps from your garden
  • Use mulch made of gravel, plastic, and rubber
  • Store wood away away from the exterior of your home; Away from any walls and off the ground.
  • Keep an eye out for a pile or piles of wings. This means the colony has reached capacity and swarmers are ready to start a new colony

If termites are affecting the property value of your home, call AMCO!

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